Check the relevant stock pages to see what's available. 

We source from a variety of suppliers, but all our products are handmade.

Since we specialise in background trees these are not specimen trees, but we do hope you find them on the better side of standard trees.

We aim to deliver within 7-10 days, although usually it is quicker.

Please note that we only use tracked/insured carriage. Since packing and postage is a flat fee on our site (5.00), it is possible that you will overpay for smaller orders.  We will therefore issue refunds if relevant.  This does also mean, of course, that on larger orders we are subsidising your postage.

It also may be possible to collect pre-orders from a show that Ceynix Railway Trees are attending, check out their site to see which exhibitions you can find them at.

Since Jacqui of Ceynix is accounts qualified and has agreed to do our accounting, our paypal payments will go to an address she hosts.  We thought it'd be easier that way since the orders can be seen directly.

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